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Party On The Patio!

We are really thrilled that this is happening in downtown Oshawa and thank not only Oshawa council for supporting this, but also want to recognize our neighbour, Darryl Koster from Buster Rhino’s BBQ for his hard work on helping to make this happen.  To read the full story, click on the image below.   Now: what all would you like to see happen from here?   Hit us up with a tweet @ThePattyShack or drop an email here.

Oshawa Approves Plan To Turn Parking Into Patios

Let's Have A Party On The Patio!

Seriously, You Gotta Eat Here!

Thanks to Mike Soberal for the awesome support and for pointing this out.   We’ve had lots of folks suggest that we deserve to be on this show and we are humbly grateful for your kind words.   It would seem kind of weird though if we were the ones emailing the producers to make the suggestion so we are hoping if you folks feel strongly enough about it that YOU will email on our behalf.   Thanks for the support.   ~ The Patty Shack Crew

Can We Get The Patty Shack On You Gotta Eat Here?

Can We Get The Patty Shack On You Gotta Eat Here?

Ever Seen A 2 Pound Burger Before?

Check out this monster that Joel whipped up for a customer on Wednesday:

2 Pound Burger

2 Pound Burger

Patty Shack Spot – King St. Eats

Check out our new TV spot for King St. Eats.   Thanks to the team at Channel 12 Durham for putting together this spot for us.

Poutine Party

We’ve been having tons of fun lately adding new stuff to our poutine menu and it was really cool the other day when all these messages came in right in a row on Twitter.  Thanks so much for the  nice words you guys!   It gets us fired up to keep doing what we’re doing!

Our Poutine was the talk of the Twitternet a couple days ago

Our Poutine was the talk of the Twitternet a couple days ago

The Olympics of Poutine?

We were having a fun discussion on Twitter the other day when we asked the Patty Posse for ideas for awesome new poutines to try.  Check out some of the dingers below:

Got any ideas you’d like to see us try?   Send ‘em in and we’ll see if Joel and Tim and the crew can make ‘em happen for you.   Oh and if you haven’t had a chance to check out our new pulled pork poutine (AKA, The P3) here’s a photo:

The P3: Pulled Pork Poutine

Hope you came hungry.

Look Out! It’s a MONSTER!

Check out this Patty Pounder a customer just had.   Everything on it except olives.   Incredible!

Patty Pounder

Mighty Meaty

Milkshakes? Yeah, We Do That Now…

Okay boys, come to the yard.

Okay boys, come to the yard.

The Burger Broads Visit The Patty Shack

Some of you may have noticed a bit of a ruckus back on April 15th when The Burger Broads came all the way out of The Big City (Toronto) to visit little ole us.   Well, it was indeed quite a ruckus; check out the latest Burger Broads episode below, shot at The Patty Shack.

Trouble In The Hood

Friends of The Patty Shack,

We at the Patty Shack wish to offer an apology to anyone who has gone out of their way today and the other recent time that we have had to close due to a faulty installation of the vent hood motor for our kitchen.  We want you to know that we respect the fact that people only have so much time to go get lunch during their work day and it is unfair to have that time wasted when you travel to a place only to have it be closed.   We appreciate so much that you choose the Patty Shack when you do come to us and we owe you this apology for sure.   We also owe you a bit of an explanation and a bit of insight as to how we are planning to prevent future incidents like this.

Today, by the time we were able to get onto our social media channels to let you know that we were closed due to this trouble, we had already cost a couple of you some of your time and we apologize.   In the meantime, we have set up a plan so that in future, the first call is to our repair guy and the second is out to all of you via Twitter and Facebook so you can plan your day accordingly.   Also, as I write this, our repair guy is hustling back from Mississauga with a brand new motor to replace our less-than-year old one that is about to go to the scrap yard.   We’re pretty sure that we’re covered now and we only expect to be closed a couple more hours.

In conclusion, we are sorry if we weren’t able to serve you today; please know we appreciate you and respect your time.   We have taken measures that we believe will prevent this from happening again.


Thanks for reading,

Patty Shack Crew